Project Re-Connect, Inc.

Re-Connecting Youth to their Families, Schools and Communities

For over 25 years, Project Re-Connect, Inc. has been reconnecting youth with their families, schools and the community throughout the city of Oakland and Alameda County. Positive changes in family values and strengthening of the bond between youth and parent are self-evident by the time they have graduated our Core Program, Family Connections. Our Core Program is a 6 week series of workshops where parents and youth come together one day per week and we have group facilitation around the following subjects:  Self-Esteem; Communication; Conflict Resolution; Substance Use and Abuse; Cultural and Generational Issues; Decision Making; Parenting Skills; and Preparing for the Future. During the workshops, change occurs in both the parents and the youth and this ultimately brings about positive transformation throughout the entire family unit.  

Our counseling program assists "at-potential*" youth ages 12 to 18 years, who reside throughout Alameda County, with the majority of our services to those who reside in Oakland, CA.  The hallmark of our programming is our connection with the Juvenile Justice System, where we receive referrals from Alameda County Probation Dept. of youth who are in need of our services and we have been serving this population for over 20 years.  

Through family group counseling sessions, workshops, parenting classes and youth activities, Project Reconnect, Inc. works to reconnect youth to their families, schools and communities.  We are unique in that we counsel the teen and the parent individually, in addition to the family as a whole, so that we are better able to personalize our services to each family.

*here at PRC we shy away from the term "at risk" and embrace the term "at potential" when referring to our youth.