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Student Spotlight:

Sir Remy Maldonaldo

by Lo Halpern

Pictured Above: Sir Remy Maldonaldo

Pictured Above: Sir Remy Maldonaldo

Pictured Above: Sir Remy Maldonaldo 

Sir Remy Maldonaldo began coming to Project Re-Connect in 2003. We first met Sir Remy Maldonaldo when he was fourteen years old, as he was attending family workshops at Project Re-Connect with his grandmother. Sir Remy was attentive and able to grasp the new concepts quickly as he understood how they applied to his own life. After completing the program he stayed connected by becoming part of our Leadership group which has been designed to help support the youth after their initial 8-week program.
Sir Remy was dedicated to Leaders and was a wonderful role model for the other youth. Soon after joining Leadership Sir Remy acquired a paid position with the organization as a Peer Assistant which he excelled at. As a Peer Assistant he supported the organization with all programs and activities.
He continues to support the organization today as he attends events and also our Leadership group; where he offers his wisdom to the next generation just as others had did for him previously.

We asked him why he has kept coming back for 13+ years. He had this to say:

“ I keep coming back for the people, the values and the knowledge. At Project Re-Connect, staff treat us like family, not just statistics, and they are different from other programs because they actually understand the community.”

Throughout Sir Remy’s life he has faced many obstacles which started for him as a young boy. His resilience and determination has helped him make it through whatever he has had to endure. We have seen a big shift in Sir Remy since having his son and losing his grandmother who raised him. He has regained his focus and is more motivated than ever.

We look forward to supporting Sir Remy as he continues on this positive path, ensuring his successful future.


Article Written by Lo Halpern
Pictured Above: Sir Remy Maldonaldo with his fiancee and son

Pictured Above: Sir Remy Maldonaldo with his fiancee and son